Vocals – Leon



Leon is an aristocratic wizard, famed explorer, and international diplomat, who authored the widely circulated essay, Colosseum Thesis, which articulates a model for international fraternity based upon an international sporting event known as the Colosseum Games, designed to encourage amicable relations between unstable world governments.

Although it is known that wizards do not enter the world through human parents, Leon appears to have originated in the progressive nation-state of Sygnia, where his Colosseum still resides. Although he was a frequent visitor to the Lillithrian court during the time of the Blood King’s predecessor, Leon was forced to flee the Colosseum with the exiled Lillithrian prince, Notthaniel, after the former informed Leon of a plot on his life devised by the Blood King.

At this time, Leon revealed to Nott that the Colosseum was originally designed to activate an ancient magical portal from a previous epoch. After activating the portal to flee the soldiers who came to destroy both he and Nott, Leon orated a new manifesto in which he declared that embracing interpersonal, amd not international, fraternity was the only way to end worldwide war and violence once and for all.  He now travels across the Emerged World with the prince Nott, seeking ways to combat the Blood King’s deadly worldwide conquests.