Keys/Piano – Nott

NottProfNott (Notthaniel) is a Lillithrian prince with significant land holdings and influence in the Kingdom of Lillithriah. When his brother, Xathaniel, the king of Lillithrah known popularly as the Blood King, revealed a plot to his advisers to do away with the influential wizard Leon, Nott fled the kingdom in secret to warn Leon, fearing the worst for his own life as well. Seizing the opportunity, the Blood King declared that Nott was dead by heart disease and seized his land holdings and soldiers.

Nott was a child when Leon visited the court of his father, the Blood King’s predecessor, who died under mysterious circumstances, and believes fervently in his mission to end war and violence worldwide. His family’s noble birth through the line of Lillith, the consort of the original world-emperor, Fennix the Conqueror, is the justification his brother, the Blood King, uses to wage his wars, claiming that the Lillithrian king is the rightful ruler of the world.

A skilled swordsman, horseman, and tactician, raised by a mighty Lillithrian general, Leon hopes that Nott is the better king to install on the Lillithrian throne. But with the distortions and lies caused by the ceaseless propaganda of the Blood King and the unrest of the Lillithrian populace, this may prove to be a mission that cannot succeed.