Bass – Geist

GeistProfThe Geist is a rogue who lived illegally in the resource-rich city-state known as the Wooded City for at least 20 years. The illegitimate child of a Wooded City citizen and a foreigner, he was forbidden to participate in society by the exclusionary policies of the WC government and thus became adept at living in the forested outskirts of the Wooded City. Gradually he became a thief and terrorized the City’s populace, gaining such notoriety that his name became synonymous with misfortune, disaster, and death.

Conceiving of himself as an ideologue and vigilante, the Geist stole from the Wooded City’s people to rid them of the riches that so robbed them of their humanity, and forced them to think of all others as undeserving. He hoped that his wickedness could redeem his host society, but was proven wrong when Leon and Nott appeared in the Wooded City following the battle at the Colosseum. After the two exiles met face to face with the Geist himself, the three of them learned that the Wooded City had entered into a contract with an unknown Lillithrian noble who mediated the sale of the eponymous Methuselah, a liquor made from the fermented sap of a tree found only in the Wooded City. But the greed of the Wooded City was such that they had sold more than remained of a resource which was always limited, and which would soon run out.