Drums – Suza

SuzaProfSuza is the emissary of the Great Dragon Saza’al, one of the Seven Great Dragons, designated by the gods as keepers of time and space at the time that wizards began using portals to experiment with space and time. After the Schism, the terrible cataclysm preceding the world conquest of Fennix the Conqueror, in which all worlds tied to the mythical Annwn Portals became joined as one, Saza’al found himself faced with the fact that only a handful of dragons, his evolutionary descendants, had survived. He determined that he alone would preserve their existence as long as possible, and acquired a human servant, Suza as their caretaker.

Being that Saza’al still commands extraordinary respect among the world governments, it was necessary for him to also employ Suza as an emissary, capable of writing in human languages and visiting human courts. In recent days, Saza’al has been continually approached by emissaries of the Blood King, who wish to acquire some of Saza’al’s dragons, the only flying machines in the world, to aid in their military campaigns. Suza has met many illustrious courtiers in his life as an emissary, but his most recent invitation to the Court of the Blood King will cross his path with that of some dangerous and well-traveled prisoners whose identity the Blood King hopes to keep a secret, and may prove to be the most important meeting of his life.